Игорь Гутман (ex_topk) wrote in avoidants,
Игорь Гутман

Dealing with mom

This is my question to you. How do you deal with your moms, dads, who constantly pester you about going to functions and family events, family birthdays, weddings, the normal things that normal people should go to? My mom is constantly begging me to go with her and I feel incredibally guilty for not going, but I just cannot force myself. I feel like the worst person alive for doing this but then I tell myself - I never killed a person, I n ever robbed anyone, why do I hate myself so much? Look at some of those celebrities, they are obvious sociopaths who are devoid of any morals or decency, and yet millions of people adore them. Look at the murderers at prisons who get tons of fanmail of people who lovee them! What have I done that deserves all the self-hatred??
Sorry for the rant, but I digress. So back to my question - how do you deal with your parents when they keeps begging you to come along? I explained to my mom that I have this psychological condition called social anxiety (plus social phobia and avoidant personality disorder) but she just its like she blocks it out and keeps pestering me and guilt tripping me! How do you deal with this?
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