Novanglus (novanglus) wrote in avoidants,

Portrait of avoidance

So there's this little park at the end of my street. It's almost always empty, and it's a nice place to walk around, so most every day I walk through it at least once.

A month or so ago a coffee shop opened up across the street from the park. This evening (Sunday) there was nothing else open, so I went in there for the first time to get a cold take out drink.

As I was leaving a woman jumped up from the corner and said, "Excuse me! I just wanted to thank you for coming in today. I see you walking by across the street almost every day and had been saying, 'I wonder if he's ever going to come in here. So thank you for coming in!'"

What does this mean? For one thing, since they not only recognized me but apparently had been talking about me, you can be sure I'll *never* go in that store again.

And unfortunately, now I don't even feel comfortable going to my favorite park, since I know they may actually be watching me from across the street. (It isn't a paranoid delusion: they actually told me they were!) I'll have to stay at the far end where they probably won't see me. Or plant a hedge to hide behind. :-)
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