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Hi, all.; longtime lurker, second-time poster here.  In March '08 I read about AvPD online and made a candid post here about my self-diagnosis.  I got a few positive comments but was also cruelly flamed by some jerk.  Needless to say, that was more than a little upsetting, and I was too cowardly to report it to the mods.  Someone else replied to me that social anxiety disorder has similar symptoms so it's best to get a professional diagnosis before "running around saying you have AvPD."  Great, so even here I was being rejected.

Well, eventually, I did try to seek professional diagnosis and got a referral to a psychiatrist from my family doctor.  But, unfortunately, that experience was hardly more fruitful than my posting here.

I tried to tell him my opinion and my worst fear came true of not being taken seriously and being all but ridiculed.  He told me that personality disorders can't be cured, so I shouldn't tell him that I have one, because that means I don't want to be cured!  Rather, I should agree to be treated with social anxiety, because that can be cured with medication.  It was all I could do to let him know how much I didn't appreciate his comments before I broke down in tears.

I did take the medication he gave me but I only went to one more appointment with him and haven't gone back since.  I couldn't tell if the pills were having any effect.

I don't wanna get all "why me" on you...but, really, other people are getting diagnosed with AvPD and even SAD on top of it, and I get this narrow-minded quack who doesn't believe in it or something?

What do I do? Make another appointment with my family doctor and tell him that I want a second opinion?  Is that how it works?
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