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Little Rant

Extroverts at work are driving me nuts.

I'll name them Apple and Orange. Apple is in her early twenties and Orange is in her late forties/early fifties.

Both of them treat the workplace like it's their own personal party space and work just gets in the way. They talk, talk, talk about the most inane topics and it's all about them, all the time.

And it's not their extroversion that bothers me so much as that they're quite nasty people. Rude, self-absorbed and arrogant can best describe the two. Since they share these traits, they're the best of friends and gossip constantly. They don't understand my introversion (shocking, I know). So I feel like I'm often the target of their gossip and bullying tendencies. When I first started working there, Apple was talking to someone else about me and dismissed me as, "She's really introverted" with this disgusted tone of voice.

Neither of them have a significant other and it seems as though they have very few friends* outside of work. Their arrogance seems to be a coverup for their unhappiness and they take their issues out at work. It's as if they're completely starved for social interaction and they try to suck as much as they can from everyone they're surrounded by.

It's exhausting me and as much as I try to tune them out, their issues are being LOUDLY broadcast for everyone to hear. I'm tired of their scrutiny and bearing the brunt of their issues. It's difficult for me to understand because if they're frustrated by not having enough social contact (whether it's having a SO or more friends), why not try being nice to people for a change? Apple and Orange think their bluntness and vitriolic quips are cute but a lot of people are turned off by it.

*I'm not really one to judge, I've lost contact with many of my former friends from school but I don't need the social interaction as much as they do
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