Jonah Dale R. Tennant (drenshawtennant) wrote in avoidants,
Jonah Dale R. Tennant


Please don't let this mean everyone's gone and there's nobody to talk to...
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Heyyy, I'm here and currently avoiding the hell out of a social situation. What's up?
I'm sorry to've missed you. I hope you're managing okay.
I was trying to face some of my own hurdles and find more places to go where I might me excused for biting my nails, and perhaps even be emotionally blackmailled into behaving like a grown up in tiny conceivable steps. But I'm rather new to the internet and LJ, and it seems like I'm mostly wandering round college after everyone's gone home at the end of the year and I'm just seeing what classes would've been interesting had I gotten off my avoidant backside a good deal earlier.
I think this is kind of what I was really needing to look into, somewhere people understand out of control nervy behaviour.
Thanks for responding. Perhaps we could talk? My timing'll be out of whack as I'm in Tasmania and it's now 10:20 am, but LJ's become my lifeline, so I'm not often way from it for too long.
Cheers for that, Dale.
LJ has been rather slow. Part of it might be people moving to FaceBook. I still like LiveJournal, because I have more control over posting private things in my journal. FB tends to be too "public" for me, and I've had people friending me with whom that I would not talk about this stuff and feel remotely comfortable and not feel like "Ok, now they REALLY will treat me like a freak".

Perhaps more people could post whatever they have going on. I know I have some stuff that I have struggles, but have not gotten around to committing them on paper (or cyberspace, in this case).