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Overwhelming Feelings of Ahhh!

I've never really talked about these feelings, but I finally called for a therapists appointment for the first time ever. I cried the entire time I was on the phone because I had to give somebody my name. I'm not paranoid that people having my name is a bad thing, I just get really scared to talk to anybody outside of the 'net.

I've tried to make appointments before, but I don't leave my house unless its to do volunteer work or my job. I started the volunteer work because I thought it might help me get out of the house and out of my shell, but it isn't really working. I only have to leave my house 10 hours a week for that. 

Lately, I cry just at the thought of seeing my only RL friend.

I figured now is the time to finally get therapy and try and get working on fixing this terrible panic I'm always in about interacting with other people.

I was just wondering, how did you guys work up the courage to make that solo drive to the therapist's office for the first time? I don't know if everyone is frightened of leaving their house at risk of interacting with others, of it this is just a me problem, or what. I just don't know if I have the courage to drive myself there.

My parents are not supportive, and my fiancee (the only person I talk to) can't drive. Would it be weird for me to take her with me to therapy just for comfort? Are therapist offices even okay with that kind of thing?
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